Tip 6: Use a mechanical key

It is a good idea to make a mechanical key, one that does not have a transmitter.  This is the type of key that will aid you if, and when, you are locked out of your vehicle, for whatever reason. 

These are also the type of keys that cannot start your car’s ignition, but they are handy if you have locked yourself out of your car, and this has happened to all of us at one point or another. 

They furthermore also have the same cut as your car key and will help the auto locksmith make a duplicate in the case of you being locked out of your car.

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Tip 5: Make a duplicate of your car keys │ Southampton Auto Locksmith

Losing your car keys is a disaster, and it will cost you a lot of money to have an auto locksmith come out and help you.  That is why it is a wise idea to make a copy of your car keys as soon as you can, and make it from the original key too, to ensure that it will work.

Do not forget to test the key as soon as you get it too, otherwise you might just be stuck with a faulty key.  Keep this key in a safe place outside your car, like in your home on a specific place, so that you never have to look for it.



Tip 4: Invest in steering and hand brake locks

Having these handy little devices on your steering wheel, hand brake and gears, is a big deterrent for car thieves.  These devices prevent you from using the steering wheel to steer, from lowering the hand brake to drive away, and to change the gears.

It cannot be guaranteed that every thief will be deterred, but most of them will see the security measures you have taken and be discouraged.  If your car is parked in an isolated parking, they might still try, because there aren’t a lot of people to catch them, and they have more time to try and steal your car, and valuables.


Tip 2: Lock Maintenance

It is of vital importance to ensure that your vehicle’s lock is maintained, otherwise you might need an auto locksmith.  Ways you can do this is to do the following:

  1. Keep your car out of the rain by parking it in a garage or throwing a waterproof tarp over it.
  2. Do no be hasty when you want to unlock your doors and be careful, or you could be dealing with a broken key.
  3. If you have a remote, rather use that, because the key might get worn out; clean your car’s lock regularly, but don’t overdo it, or you might cause damage.

Tip 1: Lost Keys

Lock Bumping Keys

Losing your car keys is a disaster, and it does happen to everyone at least once to everyone.  What’s worse?  Yes – you don’t have a spare key.

A lot of cars don’t come with spare keys and you have to make them especially for you, or you perhaps have lost your spare set of keys, but it also requires a lot of paperwork that ensure you are the owner of the vehicle you are trying to open.

That is where Demob Locksmith – Auto Locksmith Southampton helps’ – we make this process easier and run smoothly, so you can have peace of mind a lot sooner.


Tip 3: Hide your valuables

Instead of having to call an auto locksmith when your car has been broken into and your lock has been damaged, try to avoid a break-in in the first place.  Hide your valuable items – like technological item such as a phone or a laptop, purses, handbags, wallets, cash – in the many hiding places your car has: under the seat, in the cabby-hole, the boot.  Try not to have anything valuable in your car, or don’t let it show, otherwise it might draw the attention of a criminal.  Deter these individuals as much as you possibly can, and keep yourself safe.


5 Tools Locksmiths Always Carry

Five Tools Every Locksmith Always Carries.

1. Picks
An obvious choice to be at the top of list, no locksmith can work without a good pick set. There are thousands of lock pick sets out there, some more complicated than others. Strip things down to the core though and a locksmith really only  needs 4 picks; a diamond pick,  a rake pick, a hook pick, and a ball pick. Some locksmiths also carry a pick gun for added speed.

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2. Tension tools
Also known as a tension wrench or torsion wrench, tension tools are used in collaboration with lock picks to open a lock. They’re used to hold picked pins in place.

3. Key extractors
Extracting a broken key from a lock takes more than some glue on a paperclip, a knife, or a screwdriver. In fact, make the mistake of trying any of the above and you’re likely to damage the lock beyond repair. Locksmiths should always carry key extractors for damage-free extraction.

4. Plug spinner
Locks are meant to be picked in the correct direction. A locksmith that picks the lock in the wrong direction shouldn’t lose hope though, especially if he carries a plug spinner, a device that can flip picked locks in the right direction without the need to re-pick.

5. Flashlight / scope
A lot of emergency locksmith jobs are undertaken at night time, making a flashlight (or head-mounted flashlight) essential. Experienced locksmiths know that looking at a lock with the naked eye can be tricky, thus opting to carry a mini-telescope with them can be handy.




Look Out For Frozen Locks!

As the climate gets colder and it rains or snows all the more regularly, it’s not uncommon for a lock to freeze up. On the off chance that you presume your locks are frozen, don’t keep on trying sticking the key into the lock. You may break the key or harm the lock. Rather, take a stab at thawing the lock by pouring boiling point water on the lock, putting a little radiator by the entryway for a shoot period or warming it with a hair dryer. You can likewise buy lock de-icer at most home or tool shops.


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Lost Your Car Keys?

Sometimes a key code is available. You will have access to this code if you are the original buyer of the keys. This code is typically found on the original bill of sale which you may have or the car dealership may have. However, while rare, these codes are sometimes written on the cover of the owner’s manual. So check this as well. A key by code can save you money over having a key fitted to the car on-site.

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Transponder Keys

Transponder keys are convenient and very secure. Almost all of them are used to remotely lock and unlock a car, open the boot, or even start the engine. Some also provide a key-less entry to a vehicle.

However, there are some instances where a transponder key may not work, due to damage or unforeseen circumstances, causing huge inconveniences. Luckily, transponder keys are relatively easy to troubleshoot, by an expert auto locksmith. If for some reason your transponder key gets damaged and no longer works, contact us now!

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