Protection from lock bumping


Bump keys are unique keys slice to exploit the mechanics of pin tumbler locks. Essentially it is a standard key that has every one of the cuts (valleys) at maximum depth with the goal that it can fit it into all locks. Diverse bump keys The photo shows a bump key used for different locks, where the valleys are set as low as could be allowed (into 999 position).

Lock Bumping Keys

Bumping can be found out in less then an hour and requires no skills. With bump keys and instructional exercises being promptly accessible available to be purchased on-line, lock bumping has turned into one of the best devices in the criminal’s weapons store.

Home security lives up to expectations in layers and is similar to a chain, it is just as solid as the weakest connection. Lock bumping structures a genuine danger, yet unlocked doors windows still represent the biggest security hazard. Try not to give a robber the chance to break into your home!

How to prevent 

There are number of techniques you can use to counteract lock bumping and make your home and business more secure,  all come with different prices and offer an alternate level of security. Similarly as with numerous things, protection is a matter of what you’re willing to spend.

A basic approach to build the security of your house is by introducing chain hooks to your outside doors. This doesn’t influence your lock’s vulnerability to bumping, however it gives an extra layer to a criminal.




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