Your Auto Key Programming Specialist

With advent of technology, all modern day vehicles have been fitted with dead locks, which, when locked either remotely or mechaniclly, are impossible to open without the fob or key.  If you have lost, damaged or simply misplaced your original key or fob, you do not need to worry – our auto locksmiths have the newest rakes and picks that will get you into your vehicle.

Even if it is locked in the car, stuck in the ignition or boot.

Our locksmiths have all the right qualifications when it comes to understanding how locks work, and they use the latest tenchnology and equipment in the performance of their duties.  This means that they can duplicate and replace all types of keys for any model of vehicle on the rod today, courtesy of this technology, with a 100% success rate.


We offer a number of solutions

Every single person has the innate right to safety and security in their homes, offices or cars, and this includes having a broken lock or a broken door.  Here at Demob Locksmiths, we offer a number of services to ensure your safety, and the safety of your family and/or coworkers.  From fitting and changing your door locks, to making a copy of spare keys, our locksmiths/auto locksmiths are always able to assist you in the best way to secure your home, office or vehicle.



We are your general locksmith

Life happens, and often you lose your keys, lock yourself out of your home, simply misplaced your keys or your door is jammed – we are just the locksmith that you are looking for!  With 24 hour availability in Bournemouth, covering both BH and SO postcodes, we are jst the people to help you out of your predicament!

We can send someone out to you as soon as possible from our local branches, and you will have access to your property again in no time!



Be sensible about security

The safety and security of your dwelling and your car is incredibly important, and one cannot play with these matters, as they can very well put your life in danger.  That is why it’s important to keep your home locked when you aren’t in it, or your vehicle when you are not using it.  It is the safety and security of your family that is at stake here, and it is not something to take chances with.  Keep all of your locks in working condition, and should you experience a problem, contact us immediately. We are professionals in anything from car key programming, lock picking to lock upgrades and replacements and offer services to both commercial and domestic properties.



A potential emergency hazard

A broken door lock is a potential emergency hazard, even more so if you neglect to fix the situation.  Time is a very important factor in every single emergency situation, and a broken lock should definitely qualify as one.  Broken door locks not only reduce the time that it takes to break into your home, but also the time that it takes you to enter your home, which could be something important to keep in mind.


The relationship between key and lock

Keys and door locks have a very intricate relationship, as these are intricate gears that work together.  If the inner part of your lock has any damage, the likelihood of a damaged key also increases.  Having one of these is already enough of a struggle to deal with for homeowners, even only thinking of having both of these problems is a nightmare.  Rather fix one problem, before it becomes an expensive problem.


If my lock is broken, the door is still okay, right?

If a lock is neglected and left in a broken state for an extended period of time, the integrity of the hardware of the door is in danger of being compromised.  This is important to note, especially if the lock is still somewhat usable, because people tend to let locks be broken for too long.  This then caused damage to the structure of the door – especially where the latch is and the wood surrounding it.  Rather have broken locks fixed than having to replace an entire door.


How can the hinges break the lock?

If your door’s hinges are loose, then there is the possibility that your lock’s mechanism can slam into the door frame and damage the cylinder.  Loose hinges can also cause your door to slam more often, also causing damage to the cylinder.  Keeping them tightened is a good idea if you want your locks to work for a long time.


Why you shouldn’t wait when a lock is broken

Basically, the fundamental area of your security is now in danger.  This makes it easier for thieves and criminals to get access to your home with less effort, and there is nothing to stop them.  For example, if your lock is broken and your doors can’t fully close, this is an invitation to criminals.  If your lock is broken in a way that makes it easier for criminals to pick the lock, your security and privacy are also in question.  Rather have the peace of mind of a lock you can trust.