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Vauxhll Services

We are able to cut and program Vauxhall keys and remote fobs for virtually all THE VEHICLES ACROSS THE RANGE. Not only this, we come to you and do it!


  • Extra key(s) or fob required
  • Lost or stolen keys
  • Broken keys / keys broke in lock
  • Keys locked in car
  • Faulty or defective locks

At Demob Locksmith’s, we take away the hassle of going to the dealers to order / pay for the key, waiting days for the key / fob to arrive THEN taking the car back to them for the programming. We come to you and do it in one hit.

Need a spare Vauxhall key, upgrade to a remote fob key, lost keys, keys stolen? Look no further !

From 1995 all Vauxhall keys had transponders (or ‘chips’) embedded in the key head, to enhance security (prevent the vehicle being ‘hot wired’). The type of transponder first used by Vauxhall from 1995 was a philips-fixed code type 33, widely known in the industry as a T5 chip.

Transponder keys were employed because only when the vehicle receives a certain unique code from the transponder inside the key will it be allowed to start.

IF YOU HAVE A KEY ALREADY (1995-1998) and simply require as spare: Copying or ‘cloning’ is very straight forward and takes a matter of minutes with our market leading equipment.

IF YOU HAVE LOST ALL KEYS (1995-1998) then firstly a lock will have to be decoded in order to make a mechanical key which turns the locks. Secondly, vehicle specific ‘logic’ has to be wriiten onto a transponder, inserted into the key head and finally this is introduced to the car’s ecu (computer) memory via plugging into the obd (communication) port with a specialised tester / pin code security (see SECURITY CODE below).

FROM 1998  Vauxhall increased vehicle security by using by using ‘crypto’ chips with rolling codes. These chips were Philips type 40 (or T12 chip).
This meant new keys can only be programmed by plugging in specialised equipment into the car and coding the key(s) drectly into the vehicle’s memory using a security code.

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