17 Essential Locksmith Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

In today’s world, where security is a prime concern, safeguarding your home becomes paramount. As a leading provider of locksmith services in Bournemouth, Demob Locksmiths shares 17 essential tips to enhance the safety of your home.

  1. Upgrade to High-Security Locks: Invest in high-quality locks that meet British Standard 362. These locks are more resistant to picking, drilling, and other forms of forced entry.
  2. Regular Maintenance Checks: Periodically inspect locks for wear and tear. Over time, locks can degrade, making them less effective.
  3. Use Deadbolts: Deadbolts add an extra layer of security. Ensure they are properly installed and used consistently.
  4. Don’t Ignore Window Locks: Windows are common entry points for intruders. Install sturdy locks on all windows, especially those on the ground floor.
  5. Light Up Your Home: A well-lit home is less appealing to burglars. Use exterior lighting to illuminate entry points.
  6. Rekey Locks When Moving In: If you move into a new home, rekeying the locks is essential to ensure no one else has access.
  7. Consider Smart Locks: Smart locks offer convenience and enhanced security features like remote access and audit trails.
  8. Never Hide Keys Outside: Avoid hiding spare keys in obvious places like under doormats or flowerpots. It’s a common practice known to burglars.
  9. Install a Peephole or Camera: See who’s at the door before opening it. A peephole or a doorbell camera can provide added security.
  10. Use Quality Door Frames and Hinges: A strong lock is only as good as the door and frame it’s attached to. Ensure these are sturdy and in good condition.
  11. Key Control: Keep track of who has copies of your keys. Limit duplication to ensure control over who can access your home.
  12. Secure Sliding Doors: Sliding doors can be vulnerable. Use bars or additional locks to secure them.
  13. Check Garage Security: Garages often provide an easy entry point to your home. Ensure garage doors are secure and the internal door leading into your home is locked.
  14. Change Locks After a Break-In: If your home has been burglarized, change the locks immediately.
  15. Utilize Door Reinforcers: Install metal plates around lock areas to prevent doors from being kicked in.
  16. Educate Your Family: Ensure all family members understand the importance of home security and how to use locks effectively.
  17. Professional Locksmith Consultation: Schedule regular consultations with professional locksmiths like Demob Locksmiths to assess and upgrade your home security.


Implementing these 17 locksmith tips will significantly enhance your home’s security. Regularly evaluating and updating your home’s security measures is crucial for maintaining a safe and secure environment. For professional advice and services, consider reaching out to Demob Locksmiths, your trusted local locksmith in Bournemouth.

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